A Tour of Our Practice Rooms

By Denver Drumz - June 26, 2019

Need a place for you or your band to rehearse? Look no further than Denver DrumZ and Music! www.denverdrumz.com

You will have all the space you need to be as loud as you please!
Take a look at our variety of amps and cabinets for you to play through:

Each of our practice spaces come standard with a drum set, PA, 2 mics, and a guitar and bass amp.
Brands include Fender, Peavy, JBL, Gallien Krueger, Premier, Mark II, and many more.

Need a break? Take a load off on our comfy couches, or crush your bandmates in some games.

Keep your drinks cold!!!!

Visit our website www.denverdrumz.com to book a practice room today!
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