Denver DrumZ Is a Percussionist's Paradise

From Westword

By Denver Drumz - April 17, 2019

JB Maroncelli’s approach to teaching drumming is a bit unorthodox. He likens himself to Mr. Miyagi, Pat Morita’s character in the Karate Kid movies. Maroncelli writes his own exercises, names them, then has students play them, perfecting one skill at a time. Then he shows them how all of those individual moves allow them to play the entire drum kit.

“Kids see that and go, ‘Oh!,’” he says. “But they also learn where that single stroke, double stroke, paradiddle, flam or whatever that rudiment I show them is, how that applies to the drum kit — and they have these epiphanies. So in that regard, I’m a little unorthodox. But the result speaks for itself.”

Maroncelli, who was a band teacher at Teller Elementary School in Denver for eight years, has twenty-plus years teaching not only drums, but also piano, mallets and bells. 

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