Jul 17

kids growing through music :}

Nothing better than watching a student have a rhythmic epiphany, or than to see the excitment in a childs face when they transfer rudiments to the drum kit. This is why I teach…..:}

July, 19th—-One of my 2nd grade students is figuring out how to make his sticks bounce, he got really excited today when he started to really make a drum roll….again, this is why I teach…..:}

Apr 08

Sweet Kit

Check out this kit I saw recently, looks like fun huh? Would you like to learn to play a kit like this? Contact us, Denver Drumz and be on your way to percussion excellence!!Sweet Kit

Apr 08

JB’s Background

Member ‘CMEA’ (colorado music educators association)

Member ‘NARD’ (national association of rudimental drummers) at 15 years old

JB was giving drum lessons to JR High kids when he was in High School and has continued teaching on and off since…

He has played professionally and semi-professionally in a plethora of bands and music groups, as well directed a variety of bands and music groups.

He is a drummer who reads music and also provides Mallet Instruction. He has helped prepare kids for DSA (denver school of the arts) an alternative Denver High School.

JB is a positive male role model to many many neighborhoods kids he lives in the neighborhood where he teaches and has been the local Cub-Scout leader and Little league coach over the years.

Please check out our testimonials page to view comments from students and parents.

Thanx for checkin out *Denver DrumZ*

Mar 13

Sign Up for Drum Lessons

First lesson is always free!!

Contact Denver DrumZ to have a free session, we will examine your ability and interest level and get you started on a path to percussion proficiency!!

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