About Me

Hi, Welcome to Denver DrumZ,

Denver DrumZ is a place where students learn to read and write drum and percussion music, as well as play drums and a variety of other percussion instruments.

I am a single father raising two small children, and a band teacher at a local elementary school. I have played drums/percussion since I was 5 years old and I have taught drums/percussion since I was 15 years old.

Eight years ago I began helping with the small school band of about 20 kids, along with another volunteer/parent and the music teacher. We worked long and hard to grow this program into what is now 70-90 kids every year participating in an Elementary School Band!! This year I co-teach with a Drama/Music teacher where we split the kids into two bands, advanced and beginers. I also started a Jazz Band this school year with some of the kids and they are phenomenal!! (see link below)

I have given drum and music lessons to dozens of local Elementary school kids over the years and have developed quite a following, so I thought why not launch a website….. and here it is Denver DrumZ

You may check-out our testimonials page to view comments from students and parents. Thanx for checkin out *Denver DrumZ*