Nov 19

Fund Raising for Kids

Welcome to Denver Drumz,

My name is JB Maroncelli, and I am Denver Drumz, www.denverdrumz.com
I have taught band to elementary school students for eight years at Teller Elementary in Congress Park, as well as being a Literacy Specialist at the school. I have served on or been part of the PTA, the CSC (budget committee), lead after school programs, and just generally mentored students in and out of the school. I remain a positive male role model in the community. I tutor kids privately and currently give private drum and other music/instrument lessons to more than twenty students a week out of my home also located in Congress Park. I lead a Jazz Band of exceptionally talented elementary school age students/musicians that play locally in the Congress Park and surrounding neighborhoods. This group is playing music at a level equivalent to middle school and high school bands. Directing these kids is my absolute favorite thing to do.

Most recently several fifth grade students that have been under my direct tutelage for 2-3 years have auditioned and been accepted into DSA, Denver School of the Arts, specifically, two drummers, a saxophonist, two clarinetists, an oboist, and a trombone player. This is an arduous task and an astute accomplishment among local Denver area students. Dozens of other former Teller students/musicians are still playing at a high levels at other area local middle and high schools; i.e., Morey Middle, Hill Middle, East High, and George Washington High School.

In this economic environment of budget cuts, position cuts, and so called “savings”, the arts: music, band, theater, art, and even PE, are generally the first programs eliminated and or have to fight for existence year after year. These programs are often seen as less valuable than others, and I can’t stand it!!
After years of repeatedly having to fight for my own position and the sincere persistence of Teller parents, I am looking to facilitate band camps and workshops to cultivate and grow Denver Drumz into a store front business This would *keep kids playing* and enable me to continue to teach and direct music with kids on many different levels. Denver DrumZ is an affordable alternative to the increasingly limited school programs, or lack of school programs, and expensive franchises like School of Rock, Guitar Center, and Rupp’s Drums. I intend to offer a Jazz Band Camp, a Rock Band Camp, a Drum & Bugle style syncopated Drum Line that could potentially lead to building a Marching Band that could march in local parades and such. All of these avenues are great exposure for the students and the *Arts* in general and have exceptional recording potential. Of which Denver DrumZ can and will also teach, facilitate, direct, promote, and produce.

Having played drums/percussion since the age of five, and taught on and off since the age of fifteen, I have gathered a plethora of musical experiences in many capacities over the years, from leading bands and orchestras to playing rock&roll jazz and a variety of other music styles. I have booked bands managed clubs and held open stages and auditions over several years. Along the way I have met some amazing people, friends and mentors that contributed to my own musical aspirations. I wish to continue to inspire and bring my knowledge and enthusiasm of music to the younger generation so that they may one day share their own love for music and teach another generation that same musical aspiration and joy……*keep kids playing*

I am looking to also build an instrument library, where a curious kid can come and check out a clarinet or a trumpet and take it home with some instructional materials and play with it for a week or so, just like a traditional library.
In order for all of this come to fruition I must raise money. I submitted a *kickstarter* campaign and was denied. My project was interpreted as trying to purchase a property and in reality I am trying to rent a property. Kickstarter will not fund a real estate project. I have appealed and was denied the appeal.
So I believe with the support of our Teller/Congress Park Community…..
The money will come, everyone tells me, “build it, they will come”…..

If you would like to make a donation in any amount please visit the Denver DrumZ website and participate, like us on facebook too……thanx!! for your support!!

Here is the link to the latest video of the kids Jazz Band playing in public.
Under the Umbrella

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