Apr 09


Wow what can happen in a year, Denver DrumZ has grow to more than twenty drum students out of my house as well as a Jazz Band made up of twenty five 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. They play music that is way beyond their grade level, check out video on the site.

It is time for Denver DrumZ to move into a store front, not only to continue to grow drum and music lessons for students but grow more than one Jazz Band and grow some Rock Band camps for all aged students. All the band parents where I teach have been after me for the past two summers to do a band camp of sorts and I believe the time is now. There is so much community support and comittment that I can hardly refuse. This school year nine of my students were accepted into DSA (Denver School of the Arts) an alternative middle and high school that focuses on the Fine Arts in every imaginable area.

Denver DrumZ will also retail, repair, and buy drums and percussion equipment for the general consumer as well as drum and percussion enthusiests. Denver desperately needs another retail drum outlet.

As well as persistent looming budget cuts in public education I am virtually always a breath away from a budget cut that will cost me my job, and I am so tired of that!!

Please look for our *kickstarter* campaign on line on kickstarter.com It will launch around April 13th. You can participate in brining this project to fruition and allow kids an opportunity to continue growing through music. Like us on facebook

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